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From jumping out of helicopters, to rescuing people from avalanches, epic new 3D film Superpower Dogs highlights the incredible powers of our furry friends, and we’re following the film’s main star, Halo, the hero puppy in training!

Superpower Dogs is a family adventure film about extraordinary real-life canines. Filmed in 3D and presented in association with the California Science Center, it will hit giant screen and IMAX theatres worldwide in Spring 2018 showcasing amazing search and rescue dogs as they brave earthquakes and avalanches, bring animal poachers to justice, protect us from danger and lift our spirits.

The movie will follow the progress of Halo, a search and rescue hero puppy in training, and World of Animals will be following him from start to finish.

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Superpower Dogs

Producer George Duffield tells us why Superpower Dogs is going to blow everyone’s mind

From rescuing people trapped beneath rubble, to medical dogs who have the ability to detect cancer. This incredible film in the making will be jam packed with adventure, amazing scenery, and of course, the heart warming and awe-inspiring tales of dogs all over the world working to save lives. We speak to producer George Duffield about his exciting project and he explains why you should be getting excited about Superpower Dogs.