a little carefree squirrel

There was just a big patch of land covered in white snow and fallen leaves, until suddenly a small and swift creature breaks the tranquil of winter. And a baby squirrel it was. Everyone found this slender bodied and bushy tailed creature so fascinating as it jumped from tree to tree and swung from one branch to another. Totally unperturbed by all the attention, it instead seemingly basked in the momentary limelight by showcasing everyone a dazzling performance. It then continued its way to the ground, sought for a peaceful shelter under a small plant to enjoy its’ nut. This picture shows just life’s simplicity and beauty, and everyone should start enjoying the simplicity of every moment- by appreciating the world around us. Just like this little squirrel, shut ourselves out of all the noise and racket, and find happiness in the simple little things that life has to offer.